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this even as the u.n. vote was going on the other day. >> judge jeanine: and there is talk from qadaffi that the rebels are al-qaeda. is there any reason to believe that? >> reporter: i think we are getting a tremendous amount of misinformation from the regime here. they say they shot down a french plane today. that is not accurate. they said the cruz missiles caused massive civilian casualties in tripoli and that is not accurate. and pointing to the source as al-qaeda is also another inaccuracy from the regime. >> judge jeanine: stay safe there. for more on the united states military actions we bring in jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. jennifer? >> reporter: we do not have any official word yet from pentagon
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officials about the bomb damage from the 114 tomorrow ma hackl missiles which -- tomahawk missiles fired from two u.s. destroyers in the mediterranean and three u.s. sub marines and one british sub marine. they were fired off of those at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. takes about an hour flying time for the tomahawks to strike their targets. there were about 20 targets evenly divided between the capital of tripoli as well as misred aed ta where we he do understand from reports on the ground that an air force academy was targeted there as well as the main air base that qadaffi has. also, two strikes against sert, the hometown of qadaffi but none against benghazi where the rebels are holed up. they wanted to avoid any casualties in benghazi.
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>> judge jeanine: that, of course, being the rebel stronghold. we are now six hours into the cruz missile attack. is it true that it will take in fact hours more for us to know the full extent of the cruz missile attacks? >> reporter: i think they are starting to get some reports. one u.s. defense official says that qadaffi's defense systems basically an sa 5 old soviet era defense system, ironically the same that was used by saddam hussein exactly 8 years ago, coalition forces launched their invasion of iraq and took out his air defense systems, the same one being used in libya right now. they will send -- the air force will send a global hawk surveillance plane up above libya and at first light they will start getting a better idea of some of the damage assessment. you won't be seeing any f 22s, any of the raptors or the really expensive stealth u.s. fighter jets above libya until
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they are certain at the sa 5s have all been taken out, judge. >> judge jeanine: qadaffi has threatened to hit certain targets in the mediterranean. does he have that capability? >> well, he certainly has that capability. remember, after president ronald reagan fired on the libyan leader even killing the livian leader's adopted daughter back in 1986 after qadaffi ordered the bombing of a disco utilized by u.s. servicemen in germany essentially that is what led to the u.s. strikes on libya is what led to the bombing of -- over lockerbee. he has shown a will in the past to carry out acts of terrorism and that is what john brennan who is national security
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advisor to the president has warned us. we heard secretary of defense gates warn because he was the head of the cia back in the 8/10s when ronald reagan and others were carrying out the strikes against libya, he saw what qadaffi was capable of and gates has not been in the lead in terms of pushing for u.s. military involvement on libya. >> judge jeanine: and, of course, the report says there will be no u.s. troops on the ground. is there a time frame on how long they think that this is going to last? >> reporter: our impression is certainly pentagon sources tell us they expect that these unique capabilities that the u.s. brings to this fight will -- which includes the tomahawk missiles and the command and control that they are essentially in charge of the operation at this point, they expect to transition that in about -- in a matter of days. they think they will transition that to the coalition. they wanted to help with the
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degradation of the fly system. they do not want to lead her. you heard the president assure congress it will be a matter of days and we heard the same thing here in the pentagon. they expect to transition to a coalition commander in a matter of days. >> judge jeanine: jennifer, thank you. and we will be bringing you all of the breaking developments out of libya throughout the hour tonight. plus, the latest from japan. food has started to test positive for radiation and there are new concerns tonight surrounding the damaged fukushima power plant. all the latest from japan and libya, tonight, on "justice."
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." we are monitoring the developing situation in libya. coalition forces launching military actions against libyan leader qadaffi. a u.s. security official saying the air defenses have been
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severely disabled. president obama addressed the situation earlier today. >> use of force is not our first choice and it is not a choice that i make lightly. but we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy and as forces step up assaults on cities where innocent men and women face brutality and death at the hands of their own government. >> judge jeanine: for more on these military events that will occur from here on out we are joined by fox news military analyst lieutenant colonel bill cowen and lieutenant colonel mccamry. we have been told there will be no u.s. troops on the ground and we know already that it was the french who did the first air attack on tripoli. now, what is the u.s. role in libya today? >> judge, i think we will play
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a very active role in suppressing the aircraft capabilities and the antiair capabilities of qadaffi's forces. is we want to make sure that his radar systems aren't working. this that his antiaircraft missiles aren't working, the surface to air missiles, command and control systems aren't working and all the things necessary to make sure are that we can put in place a no fly zone safe for french aircraft and other coalition aircraft to fly around while qadaffi's forces have no access to the airspace. >> judge jeanine: and we are six hours into the cruz missile attack. the 114 tomahawk missiles. how long before we know what the result is and his capabilities, whether we jammed the electronics? how long before we know that has happened? >> a lot of that will be done by satellite imagery. to a lesser degree we will be
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standing offshore watching electronic emissions coming out. i would expect it will take us a couple of days to get a good picture of what we have done and we will also be identifying the next round of targets that will want to go after. >> judge jeanine: and nis,tenant colonel mcgin there was video of a plane that was shot down. do we know whose jet that was? here it is on the screen? >> i can't see the jet but i have seen pictures judge. i don't know who was driveing that aircraft but i don't know that it is terribly material. it could have been a qadaffi loyalist or someone that is against him. i don't know that it really matters that the point. >> judge jeanine: well, how powerful is qadaffi's army? what do you think his cape and thes are. >> we have people that have been loyal to him in the past.
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>> judge jeanine: loyal or merchandise naries that he pays. >> he does pay merchandise naries but has loyalists that he has bought over the years. his own sons run the republican guard and other parts of that organization. they have a lot of old era soviet equipment. they have been trained by the russians. but they aren't very capable and that is an encouragement. at the same time, they can be persuaded to be butchers and we have to be he careful about that. >> judge jeanine: and lieutenant cowan, back to you. is the plan that the coalition forces are going to join the rebels and do we really know who they are? >> great question, judge. we have seen nothing to indicate who is going to join the rebels. we don't quite know publicly at least what their leadership and organization looks like. what their supply sources are like and so i think these are all issues that the coalition has to work on. maybe in close concert we should hope with our friends in egypt, once again reaffirmed
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friends, egypt will want to play a role in stablizing tripoli. there is a lot of unknown questions as you suggest right there. our government said we are not going to have ground forces in there and colonel macginnis and i were talking before the show. i wouldn't have give than up verbally to qadaffi. i would want to make it. >> judge jeanine: we are running out of out of time. president regan tried to kill qadaffi, called him the mad dog of the middle east and here are we are in 2011. how hard is this guy to kill? >> he it hard to kill because he is unpredictable. he has a lot of loyalists around him. he will go to ground like saddam hussein did go to ground. we had to pull him out of a hole months after we did the invasion. i wouldn't try to predict him at this point. >> i agree. it will be hard to chase the guy down but should be
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something we are trying to do and he ought to know we are trying to do it. >> judge jeanine: i think he knows it now. more on the developing situation out of libya. plus, health officials finding traces of radiation in food and water in japan. we have a live report on the latest fears involving the damaged fukushima nuclear plant.
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>> judge jeanine: secretary of state hillary clinton and other international leaders met in paris today to discuss military action against libya, coordinating a plan of attack against qadaffi forces.
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molly henneberg is live. what did the secretary of state tell us our role would be in this. >> shelters didn'she didn't gey specific but did say further delay on libya would "put more civilians at risk" and that the u.s. will support international military efforts to prevent qadaffi from attacking his own people. >> america has unique capabilities and we will bring them to bear to help our you and canadian allies and air partners stop further violence against civil wraps including through the effective implementation of a no fly zone. as president obama said, the united states will not deploy ground troops. but there should be no mistaking our commitment to this effort. >> the secretary attended an emergency summit of 22 european, north american and arab leaders and diplomats to get everyone on the same page
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about how to enforce the united nations resolution authorizing a no fly zone. the secretary had side meetings today and said arab leadership and participation has been "crucial" in the process so far jeanine? >> judge jeanine: indeed, it was that participation that it appears turned it whole thing around in terms of the u.n. resolution in 1973. the french have taken the lead it appears here today. both diplomatically as well as militarily. why is that. >> the french president hosted the meeting of international diplomats today in paris. and he indicated afterwards that french fighter jets which at the time were patrolling the skies above a key rebel stronghold in libya would have to take a more aggressive position. >> our air force will oppose
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any aggression against the population. as of now our aircraft are preventing planes from attacking the town. as of now other french aircraft are ready to intervene against tanks, armored vehicles threatening unarmed civilians. >> a french official said one of its jets fired on a libyan vehicle and another report said the french jets destroyed four libyan tanks. >> judge jeanine: thank you. in power for over 40 years. cot events finally mean the end of moammar qadaffi? let's ask the director of the global strategic project who joins us live from london. all right, marco, are you seem to know this man. what is moammar qadaffi thinking now?
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>> obviously it is survival to try to survive this attack. and then continue a game whereby he will play with the international community. if that means partition of his country and surrendering a part of the east so that he can retain his government, his regime in sort of the center in the west of the country he will try to do that. but survival is the ultimate goal of this regime and self-preservation. >> judge jeanine: and it is incurred table he has survived indiana credible that he has survived this long. >> do you think he is still in libya? >> i think he is still in libya. for any one to town hall meetings host him would put their own reputation and credibility at list. he is a rogue, the international criminal court is already beginning investigations fence him for atrocities. he is radio active. for any one else to help him would put their own state and their own position in power at
3:27 am
risk. >> judge jeanine: so when we heard that he is paying merchandise naries a thousand dollars a -- merchandise mer a thousand dollars a day, how much money does he have? >> he has assets in foreign banks that were frozen but has a lott of assets in his country where he prepared for situations like this. this man, people described him as mad but there is a methodology to his madness. he can be ruthless but is extremely calculated. and someone in his situation has prepared for this type of situation for many, many years. >> judge jeanine: thank you. we will head back to libya in a moment where steve is live with the latest breaking news. plus, new fears in japan as cases of radiation traces surface on food and in the water.
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i'm jon scott. now, back to "justice" with judge jeanine. >> judge jeanine: this is a fox news alert. britain now joining the attacks against libya. a uk official announcing tonight that three british tornado jets have begun air strikes. libyan tv also reporting that armed forces command is saying as of now 48 are dead and 15 injured. steve harrigan is leave in tripoli with the latest. >> at least three loud air strikes of incoming fire here in the capital of tripoli. we can't be certain whether they are from the british war planes or perhaps they were cruz missiles coming from u.s. warships or sub marines in the mediterranean. the response here on the ground in tripoli was immediate antiaircraft fire going up from several different batteries. as far as the regime here goes, colonel qadaffi maintaining his
3:33 am
defiance but this time over the telephone instead of in front of live television cameras telling the attackers zionist and crusaders and warns any targets military or civilian across the epitire mediterranean area would be open season for his forces. judge, back to you. >> judge jeanine: steve, stay safe. for more on the united states military involvement we head to the pentagon where jennifer griffin has the latest. jennifer? >> reporter: judge, we will well, we don't think that those were tomahawk missiles that steve harrigan heard in tripoli 86 11 were fired from subs and destroyers in the mediterranean at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. they landed on their targets about 20 targets at 3:00 p.m. eastern. we don't expect more tomahawk missile strikes tonight but it is interesting that the british royal air force has now flown what is their longest mission,
3:34 am
3,000-miles from britain, the tornadoes took off we understand from the defense sethary of britain and three tornadoes launched air strikes on libya. take a listen to the pentagon here at the pentagon to vice admiral william gortney about the tomahawks that were fired. >> a moisture of th mission mie older tomahawks. they give us the ability to loiter and then we can shoot them, a target and they goal to the target. in this particular mission we used them as we have just as one of of the older tomahawks. >> clearing the airspace basically for the stealth fighters or jam ares to go in? >> they allow us to penetrate what we would call a medium to high threat without putting air crew at risk. >> but remember, qadaffi is
3:35 am
essentially the fidel castro of the middle east and survived being targeted by u.s. presidents in the past, back when ronald reagan was president back in 1986, he survived that. and so we still have no reports as to whether qadaffi has been targeted in the current round of missile strikes and in fact whether that is even the plan of the coalition that the point in time. >> judge jeanine: all right, jennifer. thank you. fox news national security analyst casey mcfarland is with us now. casey served in the national security post for the nixon, ford and regan administration. great to have you here tonight. what is it going to take? jennifer just said this man has been the target of many people over the years and, you know, how is it that he survives? i mean who is on this guy's side? >> this guy is very, very, very good at playing everybody against each other and surviving and walking away. you know the books mean girls about the girl in high school
3:36 am
who got everybody to play against each other. qadaffi is the mean girl of the middle east, the mad dog of the middle east. he has survived throughout. my guess is that he is not going anywhere. he will keep fighting and the only way he goes out of libya is in a coffin. he could well go underground. he could well say okay, i got my guys in tripoli and i will stay in tripoli and try to negotiate with you. he will talk about cease fires. his idea of a cease fire is you cease firing against me. >> judge jeanine: and when said he would abide by a resolution of 1973. >> it was a head fake. >> judge jeanine: are we entering a third war in the middle east? >> we are. what president obama has done with this is showed us what i think the obama doctrine is. he is willing to commit u.s. forces overseas but in a limited way. limited objective here. he hasn't even talked in the resolution at the u.n. or in the speeches about toppling qadaffi at least not recently. he talked about protecting
3:37 am
civilians. he also is using a -- we are not flying airplanes over libya that might get shot down. we are letting the british and french fly over libya and doing air defenses and attacking temperature from the mediterranean. >> judge jeanine: it is not so much about the united states toppling qadaffi, it is more about preventing him from bombing his own people. >> that is the goal throughout that he talked about with the u.n. and with coalition partners is to prevent the slaughter of innocents, to prevent civilian catastrophe. they are worried that they would see another rwanda and qadaffi would go and slaughter a lot of his people. the interesting thing about this, this is a new kind of war for us. this is a war of intervention where we are jumping in the middle of somebody else's civil war but what is our goal? the united states goal. libya doesn't challenge us or present a threat to us. >> judge jeanine: what about pan am 103, lockerbe. this guy has been our enemy for
3:38 am
decades. >> he does a at thi -- the he e bombing and then regan bombed him. his reaction to that, lockerbie. he thinks he wiped the slate clean and he is home free. >> judge jeanine: he is now threatening our allies in the mediterranean. >> he will try to stay in power and try to survive and he will try to continue to survive in his own country. i don't think he presents that much of a challenge. what i worry about is he goes underground and then you see a situation like either we have seen in afghanistan or iraq. letts say we get rid of qadaffi and qadaffi is gone from the scene. >> gretchen: sons and everyone. >> libya is not pareticsed or anything like that. >> that he is gone. ha happens? who are the rebels? >> you don't know hot rebels are. libya, unlike egypt and
3:39 am
tunisia, libya doesn't have a sort of middle class. >> judge jeanine: you don't hear about twitter or any of that stuff. >> who is in charge? what do you do? we have seen in iraq when you eliminate all of the leadership of that country what happened. nobody is in charge. who ends up being in charge? us. i think there is a big question of what is next. tell me how this ends. >> doesn't it choi require ande would all like to know when is ends and the as a results of the 114 tomahawk missiles. if he is not killed he will not surrender because he will end up in the haig. >> he is worried that he will go to court and be tried for war crimes and be executed. >> judge jeanine: and at the end of the day it seems that the british and the french will be the boots on the grounds with the rebels but not the united states. will we even engage in any -- i know we did the missile but will we do flyovers ourselves.
3:40 am
right now we have no aircraft there. >> no aircraft flying over. a lot in the region. enough to do 24/7 coverage with the enterprise that is there. both have aircraft based on them and u.s. aircraft on nato bases. there are enough planes to do a 24/7 flyover. >> judge jeanine: we indicated we are not using them. >> president obama keeps coming out and saying no ground troops and airplanes flying over. he doesn't want a blackhawk down and doesn't want to be bogged down in a third war in the middle east. >> judge jeanine: up next, we are watching the nuclear crisis in japan. high radiation levels turning up in the food and a live report from tokyo, next.
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3:45 am
deal with the nuclear crisis. that is to cool down the temperatures to bring counter insurgency the radiation levels at the site of the striken nuclear reactors. a couple of developments the last couple of minutes really. what they have been doing is pumping seawater through fire engine, through high pressure hoses, the latest reactor to be hit by all this water reactor number four, one of the most damaged, one of the most dangerous. that process has ended. we don't know what they have been able do town hall meetings that. come up with yet from they have been doing the exact same thing for 13 hours with reactor number three. and apparently according to the authorities they were able to bring it into some kind of a stable state. maybe not a vast improvement but also not a great deterioration. attention will be paid to reactors number one and two. they brought electrical lines up to the reactors and the he
3:46 am
for the will be to try to bring electricity to the reactors to start the fuel pumps. there are fears that they won't be able to work because there is so much damage that has been done to the reactors. they will test them and make sure that they can or can't work. this could happen by the end of sunday here japan time. one other note on the health and safety front, judge. regarding food and water. traces -- i underscore this, traces of radio active iodine in a couple of food stuffs, milk and spinach produced in the area around the reactor. there are efforts to stop the sale and stop the distribution of both of those categories in the area. also, smaller traces of radioactivity found in the tap water. sounds alarming but it has been described as miniscule traces so the health authorities are not concerned about that. but still any time you begin to get even small amount tion of radioactivity into the food
3:47 am
chain people get worried, judge. >> judge jeanine: let me ask you another question. you know, every time we go to japan and we see the pictures of the devastation, you wonder how is the cleanup going? are all of the governments efforts at the nuclear plants which clearly they need to be because of the possible danger but what about the cleanup? has it started? is there any major efforts? is it being accomplished? >> a lot of effort, judge, but maybe not enough. what we have been hearing on the ground from the people in the earthquake zone is not enough food, not enough supplies, not enough fuel. not enough medical supplies getting to the people there. just a coning task. as note, the government here has been almost transfixed by the nuclear crisis. perhaps just not able to give enough attention to the effort there. there are a lot of international contributors. the united states playing a big role but also reports that
3:48 am
places like russia and other countries had to wait on o the tarmac outside of the country before even being flown in here before getting to thatair area. that rare is a rack -- that area racked by the earthquake, roads and transportation just beginning to get up. a daunting task there. the work is in process. yes, it is picking up stream oofof desperate lot of december people there right now, judge. >> judge jeanine: we are are joined by the past president of physicians for social responsibility and the director of the heartland institute. i willle go to you, first, ira. can you tell us how concerned we should be about this radiation contamination? >> are. >> i think we should be moderately concerned. the levels at the moment are effectow so the health
3:49 am
of this will be quite low. but it is not zero. any amount of radiation that people in guest or inhale increases their risk of gelt cancer. the fact that it is turning up now is disturbing. especially because this is perhaps just the tip of the iceberg. we don't know how much radiation is going to get out into the food supply and into the water ultimately. the situation here excuse me is dangerous enough that the u.s. government has advised people that they need to stay 50 miles away from the plant. the nrc says that the plant in the united states which is most likely for this kind of accident is 27-miles from new york stay. if we had to evacuate that plant we would have to evacuate 20 million people in the metropolitan area. >> judge jeanine: let me go to jay. do you think there should be this concern that ira is talking about? >> i disagree markedly with ira. i mean we it is wonderful that the government is testing food
3:50 am
number one because they want to test it in a manner to show te levels are safe. the spinach, you would have to eat two pounds of spinach every tay for a year to get the equivalent of a ct scan. the milk level about a quarter of milk a day to get similar equivalent. i think they are trying to test the food to frankly show the public that they need not worry. >> judge jeanine: all right. >> with regard to a 50-mile evacuation, patently absurd. i think ira is trying to scare people. >> judge jeanine: we have a hard break here. coming up, how long will the crisis last?
3:51 am
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3:54 am
>> judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." we are here with two gentlemen both with different views on the radiation in japan. what about the plume of radiation heading towards the united states? will we see any effects from this? i will start with you, ira, and then go right to jay. >> i think we will see very, very small effects from this. this is a crisis primarily at this point for japan. the radiation that the united states needs to worry about it the radiation that might come out from u.s. reactors if we have an accident similar to what is going on right now. >> judge jeanine: we don't have that right now. what happens if plume comes to our country? and what about your food? is there something that we don't buy because of the risk no, matter how minimal it might be. >> it contains radiation one billionth of what could have impact on either our food or
3:55 am
the air we breathe jeeps what >> judge jeanine: what about the worst case scenario and there is a meltdown. if there a meltdown what is the worst case scenario, gentlemen? >> it wouldn't matter. we had a total meltdown at three mile island and no loss of life and no health impact. in one week the japanese will have this condition under control whether there is a meltdown or not. hopefully there will have been no loss of life at the plant and for sure no health impact due to low level radiation on the public of japan or either their food or the air we breathe. >> judge jeanine: when you think about chernobyl. >> excuse me, judge, if we had a reaction like chernobyl the death toll could be substantial. >> it was not substantial. >> jay, let me finish please. you have been telling people all week there were no people that died from radiation after chernobyl. the medical literature says there were 240,000 cases of cancer in chernobylle.
3:56 am
>> judge jeanine: gentlemen, hold on. let's assume chernobyl happens here. that was a 300-mile radio. japan is not that big an island. >> this is not chernobyl. this is a meltdown,. >> you are just -- >> judge jeanine: so the worst case is a narie is a scenario ? >> is that the japanese will get it under control and the public will not suffer. >> go ahead. last word. >> it is time. >> it is time to stop the fear mongering. >> it is time to have a responsible view on energy and get rid of nuclear energy is. >> judge jeanine: thank you very much for the spirited debate. that is it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. please e-mail us your comments, justice @ fox news .com. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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